Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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Sightseeing with QR code

Don't forget your mobile phone when visiting the exhibition of balancing sculptures in the Old Market Square. To ensure the convenience of tourists, on the poles that hold the sculptures, we placed plates with QR codes that lead to more interesting information about the characters in the theater of sculptures! We encourage you to explore their history in this unconventional way!

We attached a QR code plate to each sculpture. When you scan a two-dimensional square with your mobile phone or tablet, you will see our website with relevant content. Have a safe tour! A tool meant for everyone!


What you will need? A mobile phone or tablet with a camera and web access.

How to sightsee

1. Launch any QR code scanner on your mobile.
2. Scan the code.
3. A web page with the corresponding sculpture topic will appear on your mobile screen.
4. Go ahead and take a tour! More than a dozen codes with valuable content in front of you!

Grafika: Zwiedzaj z QR kodemZwiedzaj z QR kodem