Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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A group of stilt walkers

A group of stilt walkers plays a scene named „Water Filtering". Three masters of stilt acrobatic arts, situated at the edge of the fountain, try to fish out with their telescopic scoops accumulated elements of energy, colour, structure and sound from the water stream. This composition has no references to former art or life events of Jerzy Kędziora. The stilt walkers have exagerrated proportions and are modeled in a peculiar way, showing determined cooperation to achieve a common goal. Introducing fountain water streams into composition multiplies its expression and impact. Small and loosely placed gadgets extend the impact of composition with delicate forms of kinetic and auditory infrastructure and adds to the charm of this side of fountain with effects of falling droplets of condensed water. Trio of stilt walkers became a sculptural dominant of Old Market Square, a dynamic introduction into Częstoch Fair (/Games) for those coming in from Holy Virgin Mary Avenue. Statues, reflected in the glass of nearby museum pavillon, multiply their forms and movements, thus creating a unique aerial spectacle. Stilt walkers are a dynamic contour that enhances the profile of this historical part of town.