Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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The market square is also the site of daily markets and annual fairs. In small towns, only dedicated places for trading could exist. Goods were also sold in the hallways or windows of houses. In medium-sized and larger towns, stalls, butcheries, and booths were established, or simple wooden benches and tables were used to sell merchandise. They were usually made of wood. Only prosperous towns could afford to build brick stalls. Food and clothing products were sold. There were butcher shops, bread benches, and shoemaker and tailor stalls.

How was it in Częstochowa? There is no information on the topic in written sources.

During the excavations in the Old Market, by the western wall of the Town Hall, remains of an elongated wooden building on a stone foundation were discovered. Common partitions, plastered with clay and covered with lime, separated four small rooms. Two of them had wooden floors, others had threshing floors. This facility may have been operational since the mid-17th century, as we can tell by the coins discovered inside. It presumably served as a stall.