Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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Weigh House

The Weight House is the second important building after the Town Hall. Such buildings were erected in towns that were granted trade privileges and the right of storage. They were headed by officials called pensators or weighers; their duty was to control local trade. The Weigh House buildings contained scales for weighing goods, of course, but also master units of measurement, such as the volume measurement (korzec, which can be roughly compared to a bushel) and the length measurement (rod, ell, foot). These may have been separate buildings erected near the town halls - in smaller towns such functions were fulfilled only in rooms isolated in a town hall.

And what was it like at the Old Market Square?

No written information is available, although certainly the Weigh House functioned in Old Częstochowa. During the excavation, archaeologists discovered a structure, most likely wooden, set on a brick foundation, about 75 m² in size near the north wall of the Town Hall. In its interior, relics of a masonry heater were discovered, as well as weights. With a high degree of probability, we can recognize it as the building of the former Weigh House.