Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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M. Minorowski manor farm

The manor farm called Minorowski was located near Jasna Góra, on the border of the town and monastery domains, and over time it became the property of the mayor. In 1660 the manor farm was bought from Adam Głowacki by alderman Aleksander Bełdowski for the sum of 500 złp. The manor farm may have consisted of a main building, probably a residential building with its front facade facing east, which was covered with a gable roof, possibly with a garret in the roof slope and a porch. Subsequent buildings – including cowsheds, barns, and stables – were one-story and adjoined to the south, west, and north, thus forming a closed quadrangle. On Jan Aleksander Gorczyn's engraving, one can also see that the manor farm was plundered and partly burnt during the siege of Jasna Góra.