Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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Crown half-groschen, W. Jagiełło – M.Cz.III/N 13

Item Crown half-groschen, Kingdom of Poland, Władysław Jagiełło
Id no. M.Cz.III/N 13
Period 1394-1395, minted in Cracow
Place of discovery Częstochowa, Old Town
ul. Warszawska
Material silver
Weight and size 1.37 g; 21 mm
Location in exhibition Showcase #6

Obv.: A royal crown with parted spikes; below it, the Jagiellonian double cross and the letter “F+” with a double cross, with the circumscription: MONE. WLADISLAI + [COIN OF WŁADYSŁAW]
Rev.: A crowned eagle, with the circumscription: REGIS. POLONIE + [THE KING OF POLAND]
Part of the treasure discovered in 1962.