Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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Bell ringer

Bell ringer has situated himself on the corner by the steps leading to pavillon and with a mute sound of invisible bell he announces the beginning of Częstoch Fair (/Games). His hands tugging a dismembered and discolored rope underline, and possibly mock, the inaudible sounds and echo of the bell. Bell ringers body positioning alludes to the force and effort needed to make the bell ring, even though the rope is pointing to the sky and breaks off in the place where the bell would be. Multiple loose ends of colourful rope hanging from bell ringers hands accentuate the song of ringing bells, and their perpendicular direction visually holds the wobbly balance of the composition. A particular problem which artist solves by this statue is usage of a different type of kinetics and balance. The statue of bell ringer is supported by a singular point where its attached to the platform, and strongly leans beyond its outline while rotating in all directions, in opposite way to the swings of imaginary bell.