Zrewitalizowany Stary Rynek w Częstochowie

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A. Novitiate of the Pauline order

The novitiate at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Barbara was built between 1637 and 1642 upon the initiative of Father Andrew Gołdonowski, the prior of Jasna Góra. It was put to the use of the monastic novices in 1646. The construction of a new novitiate outside the monastery, which was then located at Jasna Góra, was probably dictated by the perceived deficiency of space in the main monastery site, the large number of monks, and the construction of the fortress.

The novitiate building had a clear and consistent layout, very typical of monastic buildings. A small patio with a garden, located inside the monastery walls surrounded the cloisters, from which entrances to the cells led. Four corner turrets, which can be seen in detail on the engraving by J. A. Gorczyn, gave the building a defensive character.

The novitiate was destroyed during the Swedish siege in 1655, but was restored just two years later.