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Boy with toy windmills

Boy with toy windmills is a part of group of boys, whose various attributes illustrate the legend about rafters children, which were scattered around the world after a tragic incident. Inspiration came from a story, told by the artist to his grandson, when he took care of him. A simple story became a long legend about rafters twin sons, whose great journey on a raft tragically ended at the mouth of a river. While creating this pair of boys, Kędziora wanted to portray features of his oldest grandson. Because he was 5 at that time, and the boys from legend were 12, the artist had to create an imaginary portrait of what he thought his grandson would look like in the future. In order to finish his project, artist remade his legend and in the final version it featured four small rafter boys. The main idea behind these statues was to place them in a distant cities in various parts of the world, from which they could communicate with each other by rays of sunshine reflected on mirrors. This ray is supposed to be magnified with additional mirrors by participants of a special happening. Maybe the boy featured in Old Market Square will also be a part of such a happening in the future.