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Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit – French equilibrist, seemingly resting, greets the spectators of Częstoch Fair (/Games). During preparations for his „Balance in Nature" exhibition in Old Westbury Gardens in New York, Kędziora met Philippe Petit, a world class equilibrist whom the artist admired for a long time, even more so after watching a movie „The Walk" based on equilibristic feats of Philippe Petit. The sculptor not only appreciated his breathtaking skills and evolutions on rope, but also his choice of challenges to overcome and his stealthy way of achieving his goals. Kędziora felt that Petit's work is parallel to his, at least when it comes to overcoming many difficulties concerning organisational and technical aspects of his work. Likewise, the archmaster equilibrist was also impressed by Jerzy Kędziora's statues. Both artists liked each other so much that Kędziora created two statues based on Philippe Petit's profile – one in historical stage attire and one dressed like the equilibrist when he conquered the famous walk between two towers of World Trade Center.